High Cost of Attendance—College

From Fair Pay, Fair Play pages 21-23.

The Detroit Lions have been a terrible football team for decades. In 2016 they announced higher prices for the upcoming season and a month later warned more increases were coming. Why? Because, the team president said, the Lions need the more money to catch up with teams with more money, who can afford better players, and so on. It’s a story told over and over again and prices march ever higher.  

Commenting on one of the price increase stories, Summer Smith, said the Lions “could raise prices to 1,000 bucks (or more) for a ticket and … Lions fans (aka Suckers who believe things will always get better with this pile of garbage) would still pay.” This prompted commenter Mark Gurnsey to fire back: “Suckers? How about saying ‘Fans’. Yes ….fans. I enjoy watching MY team the Detroit Lions every Sunday. Have been enjoying that for about 48 years. Will continue to do so. Would I love a SB? Yep. Do I need it to be a life long fan? Nope.”

College sports fans deal with the same problem–ever escalating ticket prices. And we keep paying (and don’t call us suckers) because it’s what we do as a life-long fan of our college My Team.

It’s time for you to join the team and get into the game. Share with the team your concerns/frustrations on this issue. Do you have a current example? Share it. Below the comment box you can see what the team is saying on this issue.

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