Reach Out to a Policymaker

To get the kind of change we seek, we need to let federal policymakers know the issues discussed here are important to us and they need to be important to them. You can use the links below to fairly quickly find out who your U. S. Representative is and who your U. S. Senators are and then call or send them an email. If you choose to send an email, below is a starter portion you can cut and paste into that email and then add your own thoughts. Ask them if they agree with you and what are they going to do about it. Ask your local friends to send these people a similar message on your issue or one they are passionate about. You can also reach out to candidates with the same message.

The book Fair Pay – Fair Play: Getting the Pro-Team Sports We Want at Prices We Can Afford, and the website discuss the many ways pro-team sports owners and leagues use their monopoly control of team and sport to overcharge fans and society at large (taxes for building construction and even outright operating subsidies), give fans game action disrupted by too many commercials, and on, and on, and on. Many of these problems also plague major college team sports. I’m particularly (add your thoughts here including what your particular issue is and what action you would like her or him to take—for example, speak publicly on your issue, survey their constituents on your issue, etc.).

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