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Getting the changes we seek will require a real, and real big, team effort. Help us build our team by spreading the word. When you call in to a sports-talk radio show discussion of a relevant topic, talk up the team and the website. When you comment on an article discussing a relevant topic, talk up the team and the website. You can also use the social sharing buttons on the various Speak Out posts and Hear from the Author essays. And if you want to reach out to your friends and family, below is a starter message you can copy and paste into an email or text.

Hey, have you heard about I’ve just visited the site. It was created to promote the reform of pro-team sports as described in the book Fair Pay, Fair Play: Getting the Pro-Team Sports We Want at Prices We Can Afford. The website also gets into the many problems of major college sports and possible reforms. These reforms—to reduce the cost of pro-team and major college sports to fans and society-at-large and improve the team-sports product—are ambitious but may be achievable if we get enough voices behind them. Go check it out.