“Donations” Required to Purchase College Season Tickets

From Fair Pay, Fair Play, pages 34-36.

In 1999, the Green Bay Packers were looking at instituting a personal seat license (PSL) program as one of the funding sources for a major stadium renovation. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel sports writer Don Walker said the PSL “seems like the ultimate rip- off. The beleaguered sports fan, disgusted with high prices for parking, food, and tickets, is being asked to pay for the right to buy season tickets.” The team did institute a PSL program and season-ticket holders were not happy. Greg Tans’ PSL fee was going to cost him $2,400. He said what most fans would say give the choices: “I’m going to pay it only because I want to keep my tickets. What do I think about it? I think it stinks. I don’t want the Packers to move out of here. I suppose they have to do something. I’ll pay what I have to pay.”

Season-ticket holders for major sports at many universities are required to make a “donation” in order to purchase season tickets. But unlike the one-time PSL fee, these college “donations” must be paid annually. And like Greg Tans–we know it stinks, but we pay in order to keep our tickets and thus the opportunity to connect with our college My Team in person throughout the season.

It’s time for you to join the team and get into the game. Share with the team your concerns/frustrations on this issue. Do you have a current example? Share it. Below the comment box you can see what the team is saying on this issue.

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