Other Issues—College

The book Fair Pay, Fair Play: Getting the Pro Team Sports We Want at Prices We Can Afford focuses on a few of the abuses of the pro-team sports monopolists. There are many others in pro-team sports like high online ticket purchase fees and cable TV blackouts. (In some larger communities, the cable TV market is divided among different cable providers and when one of those cable companies doesn’t contract to carry a local team, that portion of the community is effectively blacked out.)  These may also be issues in college sports. If these or other issues are important to you, here is your chance to speak out on them.

To start, type your issue into the search box to see if a discussion on it has already started. If yes, below the comment box you can what the team is saying on the issue. If you are starting the discussion on new issue, please provide needed context. And finally, note that a new Other Issue post may be edited for clarity or to provide additional context.

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