Personal Seat Licenses

From Fair Pay, Fair Play pages 34-36.

In 1999, the Green Bay Packers were looking at instituting a personal seat license (PSL) program as one of the funding sources for a major stadium renovation. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel sports writer Don Walker said the PSL “seems like the ultimate rip-off. The beleaguered sports fan, disgusted with high prices for parking, food, and tickets, is being asked to pay for the right to buy season tickets.” The team did institute a PSL program and season-ticket holders were not happy. Greg Tans’ PSL fee was going to cost him $2,400. He said what most fans would say given the choices: “I’m going to pay it only because I want to keep my tickets. What do I think about it? I think it stinks. I don’t want the Packers to move out of here. I suppose they have to do something. I’ll pay what I have to pay.”

It’s time for you to join the team and get into the game. Share with the team your concerns/frustrations on this issue. Do you have a current example? Share it. Below the comment box you can see what the team is saying on this issue.

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