The Operate Option

From Fair Pay, Fair Play pages 133-159

Our society’s preferred option to assure businesses serve us with the right product at the right price is free market competition. When that option isn’t available we have to look the other options–to regulate or to own and operate.

Many voices have called for community team ownership using the Green Bay Packers as the model franchise.

Using the power of eminent domain, teams could be purchased by community-owned nonprofits like the Green Bay Packers. And as the Green Bay Packers have done many times, the nonprofits would sell shares (essentially a donation) to raise part of the capital needed for the purchase. The remainder would be obtained via long-term, low-rate loans as was done when the Rural Electrification Administration operated over several decades (1930s through 1960s) to bring electricity to the countryside. These entities would then run their teams and the leagues with a focus on producing the best in pro-team sports for fans of all teams at a much more affordable cost to society.

It’s time for you to join the team and get into the game. What do you think about this way of eliminating the abuses of pro-team sports? Below the comment box you can see what the team is saying on this issue.

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